The 2017 Women In Photography (WIPNYC) Grant & Mentor Program winner

Women in Photography is thrilled to announce Salma Abedin Prithi as the recipient of The 2017 Women in Photography (WIPNYC) Grant and Mentor Program for her project "Gloomy Sunday."

Prithi is a photographer based in Bangladesh whose work investigates vulnerability and the psychological struggle of ordinary people. She is particularly interested in rituals and women’s iconography. When asked how the grant would benefit her she said:

I have not seen many female South-Asian photographers participating in such professional and well-reputed platforms. I feel it is important to talk about the comfort and moral issues of sub-continental people who often get neglected in stereotypical stories. If I get this opportunity, it will benefit me to develop a network internationally and make a large volume of work through adequate support.

You can see more of Salma Abedin Prithi’s work here.

In addition, WIPNYC has created a shortlist for six additional women whose work we felt truly deserved recognition. Each will be featured on Women in Photography (WIPNYC) with a month long solo show in the upcoming year.

Adél Koleszár for "Wounds of Violence"

Adél  Koleszár - 14 - Devotee of Santa Muerte.jpg

Cristina Velásquez for "Montañera

Cristina Velasquez - 2 - Espantos.jpg

Lisa Lindvay for "Hold Together"

lisa Lindvay - 10 - Hot-N-Ready.jpg

Nydia Blas for "The Girls Who Spun Gold"

Nydia Blas  - 10 - Group #2.jpg

Priya Kambli for "Buttons for Eyes"

Priya Kambli - 1 - Baba, Muma, Sona and Me (Muma and Me).jpg

Sonja Hamad for "Jin - Jiyan - Azadi « Women, Life, Freedom"

Sonja Hamad - 4 - Hamad 04.jpg

We would like to thank all of the 2017 entrants for their incredible submissions. The diversity and quality of work was outstanding, making selecting only one grant recipient extremely challenging. 

We would also like to thank our grant sponsor, The Crossed Purposes Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt foundation, for their generous support of this project. And Picter for their support in hosting this year's grant call for entries. 

Women in Photography is a fiscally sponsored project of Brooklyn Arts Council.

Previous Grant Recipients

Thanks to the generous support of LTI/Lightside Photographic and Kodak, Women in Photography (WIPNYC) was able to support women artists with over $10,000 in funds and materials from 2009-2012.

Tema Stauffer: 
2012 WIP–LTI/Lightside Individual Project Grant Recipient
Anna Beeke: 2012 WIP–LTI/Lightside Materials Grant Recipient
Judge: Sasha Wolf

Cristina de Middel: 2011 WIP–LTI/Lightside Individual Project Grant Recipient
Brea Souders: 2011 WIP–LTI/Lightside Materials Grant Recipient
Judge: Heather Darcy Bhandari

Angela Strassheim: 2010 WIP–LTI/Lightside Individual Project Grant Recipient
Tiana Markova-Gold: 2010 WIP–LTI/Lightside Materials Grant Recipient
Judge: Karen Irvine

Erika Larsen: 
2009 WIP–LTI/Lightside Individual Project Grant Recipient
Erica Allen: 2009 WIP–LTI/Lightside Materials Grant Recipient
Judges: Amy Elkins & Cara Phillips