Cristina Velásquez: 2017 Women in Photography (WIPNYC) Grant short-list


My recent work is motivated by my interest in photography as a way to push documentary conventions into the realm of pictorial depiction. Starting from observations of the human experience and life in my country, I reinterpret reality using elements of fiction and artifice to animate underlying power structures, confound assumptions, and question conventions. I am interested in borrowing narrative structures from Latin American literature, while at the same time questioning the very nature of narration and representation. Who is the narrator? Who is the reader? What is, and what is not part of the narrative?

Constructed photographs, formal portraits, and purely documentary still lifes, present an experimental counterpoint with the intention of transforming the way the reader generates meaning. Each image is embedded with its own logic of confrontation or avoidance. I believe there is a power in asking people to respond to images that might reroute what they think they know, or reveal something about their own misinformation.

Cristina Velásquez (Colombia) is an artist working mainly in photography and paper weavings. Her recent work investigates the role of representation and translation in the context of transcultural relationships. She is interested in the way cultural identity is constructed, defining shared notions of value, such as, race, beauty and class. Cristina received an MFA degree in Advanced Photographic Studies from Bard College and The International Center of Photography (New York, 2017), where she was awarded the ICP Director’s Scholarship. Velásquez currently lives and works in New York.