Kristy Carpenter


Since We’ve Spoken
Curated by Megan Charland

Four and a half years ago, the summer before I left for college, my father died from cancer. While home I witnessed each member of my family dealing with this loss differently. Going away to school that fall I missed much of the transition period and instead came home each break to find something new—fresh wallpaper, different furniture, a new car. My mother had found ways to come to terms with her new life alone in our house by transforming it into a new space. The farm outside had been altered too, different from how I left it. Some familiar things remained, untouched by the chaos, but it was uncertain how long they would remain. Home still felt like home, but there was always this fear that even that might change.

This work serves both as a memorial for my father and as a letter to him.

All images are Untitled from the book Since We’ve Spoken (2011).

Kristy Carpenter (b. 1987) grew up on a farm in the small rural town of Bronson, Michigan. She earned a BA in Visual and Environmental Studies from Harvard University May 2010. Currently she is a second year graduate student in the Imaging Arts MFA program at Rochester Institute of Technology of Rochester, New York. website

Megan Charland (b. 1985) is an artist and educator living in Rochester, NY. website